one cuppa, a thousand stories’ ©Julie Tipene-O’Toole

The images in this gallery were taken of the work in various configurations and exhibition spaces.  It currently consists of 120 teacups and over 1,000 stories and continues to grow as others add to it.

The installation is expanded or collapsed to suit the physical space in which it is placed.  On most occasions it is placed in public places where ordinary people can access the work.

Curators, arts organisations or galleries wishing to exhibit this work can contact me at to discuss availability and costs.

I am also available to facilitate workshops using this work to engage communities of interest in storytelling.

other installations

Images of other works are included in this gallery, including works featuring recycled materials such as windows, photo frames and such. These works are inspired by my passion to recycle and to give new life to objects (repurpose) that may normally be discarded.

All images are the property of Julie Tipene-O'Toole and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission from the artist.


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